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Our product range is segregated in to 2 Categories, ALCOPA™ which is ALuminium COmposite PAnel and ALHOPA™ which is ALuminium HOneycomb PAnel. We have a variety of Grades and specifications which suit many applications, please see a brief description of each below.

Full detail of our products can be found on:

- ALCOPA™ - PVDF Coated Construction Grade: ALCOPA™ PVDF Coated ACP is for Cladding of Commercial, Industrial & Residential buildings and is manufactured using a high grade aluminium coil, surface treated, metal color system primed, top coated plus an additional transparent coating applied. The coating is a KYNAR500, one of the highest quality coatings in the world and includes 70% fluorine carbon, ensuring the color of the PVDF coat remains unchanged for a number of years, with a Guarantee of 15 years, even in regions with high ultraviolet radiation. 
- ALCOPA™ Digital Imaging:
Alcopa Digital Imaging is our solution to the printing, imaging and overall High level advertising needs of the market globally. The coating is specially formulated to produce enhanced image detail on both sides of panel dependent on the required result. The panels come coated on both sides, Gloss on one side and Matt on the either, offering the customer either option dependent on expectation. The complete flatness and specially formulated coating of the "ALCOPA™ Digital Imaging" panel produce an image superior to many. 
- ALCOPA™ Fireproof:
Our Fireproof ACP has the same visual qualities as our ALCOPA™ PVDF Coated, excellent aesthetics a great colour range and easy to fabricate but has one significant difference, it is manufactured with a fire-resistant core, it is a "mineral filled fire resistant thermoplastic material" so as a complete, bonded product, including the aluminium face surface being coated with a special paint and the back being a corrosive resistant material, testing shows that our product meets the GB8624- B1 standard.

- ALCOPA™ - PE Coated C for Interior: Our PE Coated product is manufactured with high quality raw materials, including resins, adhesives, aluminium and coated with HYLR5000 paint, the product overall and the coating will maintain its appearance for long periods of time with high mechanical strength and high peel strength. 
- ALCOPA™ - Sign Panels: The Panel consists of two sheets of corrosion resistant aluminium permanently bonded to a polyethylene core. The front and rear side aluminium can be coated in PE (Polyester0 paint. Because of its modern design and other positive features, the panel is widely used a sign board globally.
- ALCOPA™ C Mirror: According to the requirement of the interior decoration market, the mirror aluminium composite panel has been developed to meet some specific customer needs; the surface is composed of mirror-like aluminium, with corrosive resistant aluminium on the back. This product offers the look of a mirror, but has additional qualities; it is very light, cannot break easily, and can be bent (fabricated) and installed easily. Because of these excellent characteristic, it has been commonly used on interior walls, especially in kitchens, electrical equipment, furniture etc. The mirror ACP is also used as the alternative to a glass mirror for public amenities at sporting venues, parks etc.
- ALCOPA™ C Brushed:
ALCOPA™ Brushed ACP is for applications requiring High class aesthetics, the surface of the Aluminium is treated by brush, with back being of corrosive resistant aluminium.The finished product is excellent aesthetically used on applications to achieve a High Class end result used on a variety of applications including interior decoration, kitchens, and electrical equipment.Excellent Characteristic, Light weight, high strength, high hardness, perfectly flat, fashionable, easily installed and easily cleaned. 

- ALHOPA™- ALuminium HOneycomb PAnel: Low density, high intensity, high rigidity, stable structure, excellent wind and pressure resistance ALHOPA Aluminium Honeycomb panel has been widely used due to its various positive points, such as low density, high intensity, high rigidity, stable structure, excellent wind resistance and pressure-proof property. The weight of honeycomb panel is 1/5 of the aluminum plate with the same rigidity and 1/10 of the steel plate with the same rigidity. The weight of the 15mm thick aluminum honeycomb panel, 1.0mm thick front sheet and 0.8mm thick back sheet is only 6 kg. The inter-connected honeycomb core acts like numerous steel plates in "" shape. The core is arranged and firmly-positioned within the whole panel, therefore the plate is not easy to cut, is more stable, is more bend and press resistant , has greater strength than aluminium single plate to resist high wind pressure. ALHOPA is not easy to deform and maintains excellent flatness and straightness. Even if the honeycomb is large, the plate still has good flatness and straightness. It is the first choice for light material in building industry. Outstanding sound insulation, heat Insulation, fire-proof and reduced vibration. The ALHOPA core structure creates sealed air pockets so air circulation is prevented. The whole alga from sound source at 100-3200HZ can be 20-30DB with the derivative factor being 0.1040.130W/M.K, creating an energy-absorbing ability of 150-3500KJ/M, making it an ideal product for energy-saving applications. The structure of the product with the double skin, sealed air pockets and enhanced rigidity provides a significant reduction in noise levels emanating from external impact such as rain drops and other forces. Excellent aesthetics with a variety of design options & finishes. ALHOPA front (external) skin can either be finished in a PVDF coat in any of a variety of standard colours with colour matching options available, or may be finished in stone, marble or granite. With the stone finish the option to fabricate product per Architectural / CAD drawings is also available.
- ALHOPA™Stone - ALHOPA™Stone is composite wall and floor panels made up of a thin natural stone veneer reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb backing. The stone veneer can be almost any stone including granite, marble, limestone, slate and sandstone. It is a combination of the beauty of natural stone with the aerospace technology of aluminium honeycomb, to be used for a wide variety of applications including those typically considered weight or cost-prohibitive such as the marine/shipping and airline industries. They have been used extensively in exterior, interior, renovation, elevator, and specialty applications. The average weight is 16 kg/sqm, which is approximately 80% less weight than solid stone. This weight savings alone provides huge savings in installation labour, structural requirements, and installing time.

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