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 For more detail on our products please go to the following link: www.alcopainternational.com 

Company Profile

ALCOPA Design (Aust) is a division of dioharis holdings pty ltd, which has over 8 years experience in the Aluminium Composite Panel industry as both a consumer and re-seller, but a corporate decision was recently made to cease other business interests and solely focus on supply of quality Aluminium Composite Materials to the industry, taking the important step of establishing itself as a Distributor for ALCOPA International Limited Hong Kong, a Company with rich and highly developed collective experience through its partnership with some of the highest quality producing manufacturers on the mainland.

The main products include Aluminium Composite Panel and Aluminium Honeycomb Panel in both Aluminium and Stone (Marble & Granite) skins.
Our Company, ALCOPA International Limited (HK) in conjunction with the mainland manufacturing partners boast a rich 25 plus years of collective experience in both the manufacture and application of Aluminium Composite Materials.

ALCOPA International Limited (HK) is our chosen supplier because of its depth of experience and knowledge of the industry, coupled with its very strong and developed partnership with quality manufacturers ensuring continuous product and application development for the demanding Global market.
Aluminium Composite Materials from our Plants have been used on numerous projects across the Globe, all resulting in client satisfaction and ensuring ongoing trust and loyalty to ALCOPA International HK.

Their products have many Accreditations and Certifications which include but are not limited to, ISO9001, CE Attestation, and KYNAR 500 for Coating.
Our belief in their product has resulted in the incorporation of their name in to ours.

ALCOPA International Ltd. Website: www.alcopainternational.com

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